What We Clean

Recurring Cleanings

On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis with no contract

One Time Cleaning

Cleaning scheduled as-needed. Can include deep clean items for an additional cost.

Move Out and Move In Cleanings

A one-time cleaning making your empty home or apartment ready for you or new residents to move in.

Make Ready Cleaning

Cleanings to make the home ready for listing on the real estate market. The home usally is still furnished.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning makes your residence spotless. Includes baseboards, door frames, and other items.

After Hours Cleaning

Services provided on weeknights, weekends, and holidays

Cleaning Under Items

Removing of dust and dirt from under your furniture, appliances or other household items.

Fridge & Oven Cleaning

We will clean the inside of your fridge and / or oven.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning of the inside and outside windows.

Organization Services

Our home organization services include de-cluttering, organization of pantries, closets and cabinets. Allowing for a less cluttered and more organized life.

Carpet Cleaning

We provide carpet cleaning with a scrubbing carpet extraction system which will get dirt and allergens out of your carpets, and allow for your home to stay cleaner.

Floor Cleaning and Buffing

We use orbital buffers with special cleaning solutions to deep clean your tile or natural stone floors, we also offer buffing, polishing, sealing services.

We would love to provide you a custom quote tailored to your home please fill out the form below or contact us thru live chat.